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Specialty Sessions

$60 | 1-2 hours

General Strategy

Together we'll create a plan to ensure a smooth transition to your family's new stage. Logistics, community, self-care, it's all part of a happy, healthy home.

Meal Prepping

Let's talk about keeping everyone fed. Whether you need someone to set up a Meal Train, peruse recipes, or stock your freezer and pantry, let me be your extra set of hands.


With new life comes a thousand deaths, big and small. Let's talk about the loss of the old you, the way your family "used" to be, the pregnancy and birth ideals that weren't met. Even the most tragic losses of all are paths we can walk together.

Sibling Transition

Getting a new sibling is a major change for children. Let's talk about how to handle some of the common concerns you may have about this experience and discuss how to support every member of your family.

Birth Basics

Whether this is your first child together or not, reviewing the basic mechanics of birth and postpartum will help you feel confident. Think of this as your own private childbirth class, tailored to your specific needs, in as many sessions as you'd like.

Back to Work

Returning to work as a new parent can be tricky. Together we can talk through what type of support you will need at work and at home, strategize division of labor with you and your partner or community, and openly discuss all the emotional impacts you may experience.

Parental Archetypes

What does being a parent mean to you? Do you have unrealistic expectations for yourself or your partner? Are you fearful of how you will do in this new role? Being a parent is just one piece of your identity and I love to talk about your intentions and aspirations on this journey.

Birth Story

Tell me all about your birth experience. Let me guide you in a gentle exploration of everything leading up to the arrival of your little one and the impact on you and your partner. This is a great way to cement the special details while they're fresh and reclaim any parts that didn't go the way you wished.

Single Sessions: Price List
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