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Coaching & Support for Parents

I became a doula in part because I believe that transformational healing begins with families. Each family is unique and its dynamics change over time but one thing that doesn't change is the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to do it well.

My scope of care as a doula ends at 12 weeks postpartum however the challenges of parenting certainly don't. In fact, it's not uncommon for parents of young children or teenagers to look back on that first year with nostalgia telling themselves "It was so much easier back then." I don't think any of it is easy and few parents get the help and support they truly need. 

My approach is eclectic and pragmatic; I focus on what I have seen work for me personally and for other parents. At the core of my philosophy is the belief that each child comes to this life as a whole person with natural desires to collaborate and belong. I believe this to be true of parents as well! I have found that when a family is struggling it is rarely due to a lack of love, affection, or desire.

Whether in single sessions, or through structured, ongoing support, I work with parents to develop skills in setting boundaries, communication, and self-care. When parents feel supported and capable, they can confidently work with their children to uncover and address the wounds and lagging skills at the heart of most issues.

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