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Working with me includes email and text support throughout your pregnancy, three prenatal visits and 24-hour on-call coverage from myself, and a backup doula during your birth window. We will also meet after the birth of your baby to discuss postpartum recovery, suggest resources and referrals, as well as process your birth story. I also offer a range of packages that include postpartum visits. Pricing and details below.

I am committed to doula support for every family that desires it. I offer sliding scale pricing to those in need - let me know if this is you.

Birth: Services

Birth Packages



  • three prenatal visits

  • on-call starting at 37 weeks

  • two postpartum visits [8 hours total]



  • three prenatal visits

  • on-call starting at 37 weeks

  • four postpartum visits [16 hours total]



  • three prenatal visits

  • on-call starting at 37 weeks

  • six postpartum visits [24 hours total]

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It gives me chills to think about Ashley's impactful work and how she made our birth experience align with our hopes and values.

As first-time parents, the prenatal meetings with Ashley helped us imagine what is possible and envision a birth experience that aligned with us. Her intuitive nature, incredible knowledge, and nurturing presence allowed us to put aside any fears and really think about how we wanted to welcome our baby into the world...As a full-time working mom in a stressful career, the prenatal time with Ashely also allowed me to shift mental gears from the day to day fast-paced stresses into slowing down and tapping into the pregnancy experience of nurturing baby and thinking about what it means to begin to be a mother...For our actual birth, her presence was nothing short of remarkable. She gave pivotal cues of touch that felt so nurturing, cues of physical position changes at crucial times ... The encouraging language ultimately felt like our baby was entering life by way of a choir of women having our backs and encouraging me with so much love as I pushed baby into the world. For our first time going through the laboring experience, Ashley helped give us the confidence we needed to make this one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and to really help us as parents to capture the love between us as we welcomed our baby.


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