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Becoming a doula has allowed me to do work that is challenging, meaningful, surprising, and powerful. I believe that the way in which birth happens can transform individuals and generations. 

I often describe working with me to be like working with your big sister’s cool friend – there’s not much you could say that would shock me, I know all the best secrets, and I don’t bring any of the baggage your actual sister might. My sense of humor is dry and sometimes inappropriate but my approach is spiritually grounded, empathic, and supported by a community of wise elders. My intention is to provide the space and support for families to grow in the unique way that is right for them.

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Training & Specialties


Birth & Postpartum Doula Training

Adopting Trauma-Informed Care for Birth Professionals

Collaborative Practice Advanced Training for Doulas

Culturally Competent Nursing Care

Oral Health for Peers

Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid

Basics of Lactation Management for Doulas

Racism in Perinatal and Pediatric Health

All Pregnant People: Trans Birth for Birthworkers

ICEE Childbirth Educator Training

Fetal Positioning

BA in Anthropology


Unmedicated Birth
Fertility | Surrogacy |Adoption
Single Parent Support
LGBTQIA+ Families
Polyamorous Families
Body Positive | HAES
Trauma-Informed Care
Recovery and Substance Use Disorder
Pregnancy Loss | Infant Loss
Abortion Support
Childbirth Education
Spirituality in Pregnancy & Birth
Baby Sign Language
Baby-Led Weaning

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I went into this pregnancy scared as can be with a check box on every line of what triggers me. I had zero faith in myself to see this pregnancy to the end. Ashley entered into our picture late in our pregnancy. We connected and she got to know us and worked with us on what kind of experience we hoped to have. We were mentored, provided resources, and helped guided into a direction for success. When it came down to it she helped me mentally grasp concepts and scenarios of what was to come. She knew I needed to feel in control and get the powerless thoughts out of my head. Labor was grueling and painful. But because of Ashley’s cues to drop my shoulders and release the tension, I felt connected to my body rather than terrified by it. She was there with us counting me through every contraction. Ashley would lock her eyes on mine. Sending me words of encouragement "I know you're scared. I know you're tired. But you're doing it, mama, even though you can't see it. You're moving him down inch by inch." Because of Ashley our son's birth was marked not by fear and trauma but by confidence and empowerment, even in the most difficult moments. We know that her presence made this all possible. At an appointment with my OB after delivery she mentioned your doula was everything you needed. That remark still remains with me because it could not be more true. Ashley was indeed, everything I needed.


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